September 17, 2022 @ Hidden City Loft

Thanks to everyone who came out to this meetup! It was our first time hosting one, and we learned lots. For the next one, we will look to continue the open format, find a venue that allows people to mill around easily, and create the space for people to enjoy the boards that others brought! In terms of what we'd like to do differently next time: we will have more tables, do the giveaways earlier in the event, and make sure the climate control works for the space! Weirdly enough, we're already looking for heating for the next event, even though we were in shorts today. In terms of tickets, I know there is demand for a larger event, and I hope to be able to provide that. We can experiment with batching ticket sales too, so that people who don't hear about the event right away can still have a chance to join.

Thank you to 1upkeyboards, Capsmiths, and GraveShift for sponsoring the giveaways at today's event!

Here are some photos from the event by @resistance-frequencies, @maly, and @Nanju! Click any image to view it larger

@shellylynnx Now I want to build another board. #mechanicalkeyboard #keycaps #customkeyboard #keyboardmeetup ♬ Plastic Waves - Starjunk 95